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Bachelor of Music, major in Saxophone by Estácio de Sá University (1994-1998), Degree in Music from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (2008-2010) and MA in Musicology / Ethnomusicology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2004 -2006). In 2011 Velloso started his PhD on the Music department of UFRGS working in the research group GEM, directed by Dr. Elizabeth Lucas, working with the topic History and Agency in Brazilian Music. Last year he received a Fulbright Scholarship as a Visiting Researcher to conduct the fieldwork for his doctoral research, that is planned to be completed in the beginning of 2015. Currently, he works as a full professor at the Federal University of Pelotas, in the Bachelor of Popular Music course, working in the Areas of Arrangement, Improvisation, Complementary Instrument Saxophone, Music and Society, Jazz History, MPB Practice and Analysis of Recorded Popular Music. Works with the following Extension projects; Clube do Choro de Pelotas, UFPEL Wind Orchestra and Popular Music Sample. In the Research area, he coordinates the following projects; Collaborative Collection on Choro de Pelotas and Methodological Approaches and interdisciplinary aspects on creative processes in popular music.

Rafael has worked as an independent scholar in Brazil over the last 14 years, publishing articles in newspapers and magazines related to the field of ethnomusicology, and presenting his research as a member associated with ABET (Brazilian Ethnomusicology Association) and IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music). His love of music extends beyond the theoretical level. He is an accomplished performance musician, with 20 years as a professional saxophone player, working also as a musical production director and musical arranger in Brazil.


Some of the new articles publiched by velloso included:


X Anais from IASPMAL 


VI Anais from ENABET

Revista Oido Pensante


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O saxofonista Rafael Velloso